Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are very important for a teacher who is going to teach a class of huge students. It is quite necessary for a teacher to plan his rules and methods before going to class because it becomes easier for him to finish the lessons within a stipulated time. Children often create chaos and disturbance in the class for the disorientation of the lesson plans by the teachers. The teacher follows a particular order in arranging his lesson plan that is to be conducted in class.

They are as follows:

  • The title of the lesson
  • Time required to complete the lesson
  • List of required materials and objectives. It generally refers to the behavioral objectives and the knowledge objectives, which will be required at the end of the lessons for the students
  • Set or lead-in to the lesson that will highlight the skills and concepts to be instructed to the students. It is often done through displaying through pictures, asking important questions etc.
  • Arranging the order of events that would take place when providing lessons to the children
  • Independent practice allowing the students to increase and extend their knowledge

The format will be chosen by the school teachers in such a way that they can easily cope up the lessons with the time limit. Lesson plans have proved much more beneficial for the students than the stereotype teaching methods. A lesson plan is quite useful as they cater to the needs of the students. However, sometimes it is seen that even though children are engaged in inquiry learning, proper lesson planning, knowledge and behavioral objectives, it becomes difficult to cope up with the modern educational systems.

Preparing lesson plans has emerged to be a challenge for the new teachers. According to learned professionals, when a teacher spends an hour in teaching, it actually takes about two hours for the teacher to prepare the lesson plan. However, after a certain period, the teacher gets habituated with the usual routine and conceives an idea of what should be the lesson plan for the day. Some schools set curriculum for the teachers where they get to know about the daily lesson plan.

Teachers are offered many lesson plans from various services. The teachers to conduct a good class can utilize these plans. Lesson plans are available almost for every subject like science, mathematics, English, social studies, art, music etc. Therefore, teachers will not face any problem with any subject.

These plans are the most useful things as these can be quite helpful for the first few years of teaching. In order to take a class, a teacher should strictly follow the lesson plans.