Language Arts Activities

Language arts activities are the best ways to increase awareness among children. It is an innovative method of encouraging child’s activities and language development skills. It is through designing and describing various products, you can easily develop your child’s thinking capabilities. Here the main intention is to create an appeal among the children so that they can find much interest in their playful process.

There are several activities, which can easily influence your child’s thinking capability. Using the color comic cuttings or discussing glossy advertising lines, you can easily engage your child in various mind developmental activities.

Some constructive language arts activities

Showing your kids the examples of newspaper advertisements and flyers, or asking them to provide examples of commercials that they have heard in radio and television, you can engage them in playful language art activities. By dividing the class into teams and by showing them the exact image of the product, you can ask your child to build a solid slogan or musical jingle.

You can also engage them in caption matching by cutting the comic strips apart and mounting each frame on an index card. Asking kids to match their sentences on one-half of the board with proper images, you can help them a lot.

You can also try with Acrostics, where you can ask your students to read thoroughly and ask them to write the title in the center of their paper. Now after your students have learned about the elements of short story; use story starter techniques and ask them to write something. That writing can easily deal with characters, settings or any event from the story plot to describe whether that happened in the beginning or middle or in the end.

You can also expand your students color awareness by discussing words that brings particular colors to mind. Talk about different shades of colors that seem to go with each word. Ask your kids to share words and colors that go together. By providing them a wide array of colors, you can help your kids to become more familiar with the unusual color and more color conscious.

You can also nurture your student’s grammar awareness through language arts activities. By using innovative method of clipping newspaper and magazine articles and by separating those articles from the headlines. Ask your child to match the appropriate headlines with the exact story. This is all about choosing and matching the perfect ideas.

So to juice up your students creative writing and expand his/her awareness about the language, these innovative approach of language arts activities are always the great – left wide open to create an appeal among children.