Kindergarten Worksheets

Kindergarten worksheets present both theoretical and practical modes of learning. Learning from the book can be monotonous, whereas the field activities can kindle the child’s interest and ability.

The Genres of Kindergarten Worksheets

The kindergarten level worksheets lay equal emphasis both on English and Mathematics. Devised to ensure lot of fun, the kindergarteners’ worksheets revolve round educational activities, exercises, music, games and easy handicrafts. They incorporate telling time, counting money, learning numbers and sets, also learning weight, time and volume, writing letters or alphabets and many more. The kindergarten worksheets are truly a good start for the novice.

Application And Effectiveness

Things get registered in the memory once you experience it; when you confront something interesting, it sparks your curiosity and you tend to remember it long enough to ever forget it. Kindergarten level worksheets cash in on this concept and come up with methods that specially appeal to young minds.

Following these worksheets, you too can let your child see and touch things and this will boost his/her retaining ability. For example, do you expect your child to understand what is bitter or salty without giving him/her the chance of tasting it? No. Then let your child learn numbers by seeing it. Draw a big ball and beside it write 1. Again, draw two mangoes, write 2 beside it, and so on. This is the most effective and innovative way of teaching.

Kindergarten worksheets, built around active learning, introduce you to another aspect of effective teaching – repeatedly exposing the child to the same thing. Thus, when you are teaching ‘M’ for Mango, then let your child color a mango yellow and write the letter M. Similar methods can be followed for teaching numbers – you can have them count toys and playthings. Kids will find learning more fun and this will have a permanent impact on their minds.

Kindergarten level worksheets give children good practice but because they perfectly blend fun and play into the process of learning, your children never tire of them. Used sensibly, kindergarten worksheets not only enhance your child’s adeptness, instead nurture a special liking for academics in children.