Kindergarten Handwriting Worksheets

Kindergarten handwriting worksheets are child friendly tools that help the children to learn the art of writing. Kindergarten is the introductory phase of educational life when some basic skills are inculcated in a child using certain scientific methods that are practical and interesting. The worksheets are more about fun, which is why they engross the toddlers into studies.

What is handwriting worksheet?

Kindergarten handwriting worksheets are those, which help students to learn and write cursive and manuscript letters, words, and numbers. Handwriting worksheets allow the first shape to your kid’s handwriting. Repetition and practice offered by the worksheets further refines the handwriting skills of your child.

Significance of handwriting worksheet from child’s point of view

The children learn the primes of writing with kindergarten handwriting worksheets. It teaches them how to hold a pencil, to start writing from top to bottom and from left to right, to sit in a correct posture while writing. The handwriting of the kids becomes readable and clear thanks to the introduction of kindergarten handwriting worksheets. The handwriting worksheet grooms the child to follow the dictation and learn the essence of using small and capital letters.

Handwriting worksheets designed by teacher

The teacher clearly understands the importance of worksheet and designs it according to the need of child. Each worksheet has five practice lines with dotted letters. The teacher decides the words that are to be practiced. Other elements like font style, paper positioning are also chosen by the teacher. The written instructions are also fixed by the teacher.

Fundamentals of handwriting

Before designing the kindergarten handwriting worksheets the teacher should primarily concentrate on three vital aspects of handwriting – the form and slant of the letter, its size, and space. The letter formation that is the form and slant of certain alphabets depend on the pattern or style followed. Regardless of the type of handwriting child follows, he or she must conceive the beginning and ending point of the alphabet.

The size of the letter is almost similar in different handwriting styles. Capital letters are of same size as the ascenders (b, d, h, k, l, t) and small letters like (a, c, e, i, m, n, o, r, s, u, v, w, x, z) are half the height of ascenders and descenders (g, j, p, q, y). The sizing of letter can be taught to child using handwriting work sheets marked with a dotted middle line.

Online worksheets

There are various resources available online through which a teacher can prepare handwriting worksheets. The demand for such handwriting worksheets has grown with its popularity.

The kindergarten handwriting worksheets help every child learn handwriting in a scientific way and pave the foundation for good handwriting.