K 12 Education

The K12 education is one of the many educational models that have been developed in order to achieve the perfect educational setup for children in their growing years. The K12 educational system uses a format which includes every educational step that a child undergoes from kindergarten to the twelfth grade, hence the name K12.

The K12 educational curriculum has the distinction of being one of the most time tested and researched educational model available. It is a widely adapted curriculum and, in the United States and in English Canada, the K12 series of grades from Kindergarten to 12th grade are the free education grades supported by the government.

The K12 educational curriculum includes comprehensive courses for all levels of education. Each grade also offers 700 lessons for instruction. The K12 education program covers six subjects which are Math, Science, History, Language Arts/English, Music and Art. The lessons in the K12 educational curriculum are based on the Core Knowledge sequence of education. In recent years, the K12 educational curriculum has also been mainstreamed and is now offered as an online school curriculum with corresponding school worksheets, lesson plans and teaching guides available for those who are interested in the course work.

The development of the K12 educational curriculum is based on three guidelines. These are:

  • Providing a content rich and consistent skills instruction which is built up in a sequence for each year of the K12 curriculum. This allows for the child to learn the subject matter in a continuous manner from his or her earlier years up to young adulthood.
  • Encouraging the learning process in children through the use of a variety of teaching methods which can include activities such as calculating, writing, reading, listening, speaking, singing, acting, painting, drawing and a host of other activities.
  • Using technology where fit in order to encourage education.

The K12 virtual school has gained popularity due to its focus on helping children cope with continuing their education amidst the special difficulties some of the face. The K12 virtual school addresses the special educational needs of children such as gifted children or highly talented children, slow-learning children, children with medical issues, children with limited funds and children who require special schedules.

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