Homework Help

You should be able to find most of the things you need, right here, on the site. Don’t forget to try the search feature. If you need a little extra help, look no further, all the help you need to get your homework done is here.

Fact Monster

Search by topic or using the search tool to find interesting facts presented in a simple manner.

Hello Homework! Social Studies
This site has homework help for history and government. As well as general help, there is help for Minnesota history and government.

Homework Help – News for Kids
This is a list of useful links to kids current events sites.

Infoplease Almanacs

You can search for what you need by using the search tool, or scroll down the page to the Almanac listings. Find the major subject heading and then choose the appropriate sub-heading.

Homework Spot

Help is listed by grade and subject on the bar at the side of the page.

Multnomah County Library – Homework Center

Help is listed by subject. Choose a main topic, and then follow the links. Eventually you will arrive at a page of links suitable for the subject you want.

Study Help

Search the subject topics, or enter a search word and check out the results. Most of the listings are aimed at older students, but there are topics for younger children if you dig deep enough.