Handwriting Exercises

Handwriting exercises are required for every child to help them get a hold over proper writing and develop a calligraphic style of writing. If not that, the child can make use of the other benefits that comes with practicing good handwriting.

Nuances Of Having A Good Handwriting

Always encourage children to practice handwriting with a fountain pen. A fountain pen works well with kids as they are able to manage this pen with ease and the outcome usually is neat and clear handwriting. When you practice writing, you must take care to understand that there is a right way for writing. Patience and gentleness are two virtues that must be present when you are making the kids practice handwriting.

Take care that the children do not get into the habit of finger-writing and drawing the letters. If you notice, you will find that people who finger-write end up writing slowly and often painfully.

Handwriting Exercises For Holding The Pen Right

When you hold the pen, the best way will be to grip the pen between the thumb and the index finger with the barrel resting on the middle finger. The remaining fingers are actually curled under your hand when you are writing. If you undertake handwriting practices, then you will not experience any pain and the speed of writing will also be more.

Remember that the pen should rest just over or forward the bottom knuckle of the index finger. This positioning of your pen will help you have better control over the pen and write better and with ease. It is better if you hold your pen lightly while you are writing.

Handwriting exercises are complete with the manner in which you hold your pen, how you write and what you write. Regarding the position, in which you sit while writing, there is not much to worry about, as you may sit comfortably and in a relaxed manner; just take care not to hunch or slump.

The fingers should move very little and the wrist even lesser at the time of writing. The power that is required for writing is provided by the shoulder of the writer and the forearm plays the guiding force.

When writing follow all the proper handwriting exercises for developing a good and clear handwriting that will help the children in later learning and living in a literate world.