America’s Wetlands

Here you can find out what exactly wetlands are.
Find out more about America’s wetlands, why they are important,
and what is being done to protect them.



Dive the Great Barrier Reef

This is a virtual tour of the Great Barrier Reef.
Here you can find out all about the animals and plants on the reef.
It is a bit slow to load, so be patient.



Explore the Fantastic Forest

This site takes you on a discovery trip through the forest.
There are activities to do and lots to learn on the way.



How Rainy is the Rainforest?
Here you can compare how much rainfall there is in the rainforest, with where you live. When you have finished, visit the rest of the site to find out more about the rainforest.



Wild Places

Visit all the major environments of the world.
Get facts about location, climate, vegetation, animals,
conservation concerns and more.



Woodlands Discovery Pages

For kids K-3, this site gives a peek into woodland life.
Click on any of the areas in the picture to learn more about the
wildlife and habitat.



Woodland Explorer

Click on the tree or the ground below it to find out more about
woodland habitats. Learn all about the insects and animals that thrive there.



World Deserts

This is part of the Mojave National Preserve site.
You can learn basic facts about deserts, where they are and why
they form. Then check out information on deserts in North America.



World Environmental Changes

Find out how five of the World’s environments have changed
because of population pressures. The site looks at changes to the
habitats of wetlands, drylands, cities, forests, and the sea.



Zoom Rainforest

Learn all about rainforests, what the vegetation is like, the animals
and people living there, the climate and much more. Be sure to check
the links at the bottom of the page for information on other biomes
and ecosystems.