Friendship Poems

Friendship Poems are the best forms of poem to describe the beautiful relation of friendship. These poems are among the most written, read as well as shared in the world. It often happens that a poem written on friendship is mistaken for being a love poem.

The greatest of the poets in the world have penned down their feelings for friendship in the form of beautiful poetries, which have been read and admired down the generations.

The Specialty

In contrast to love poems, you will find that friendship poems are more subdued with personal references and expressions of care. They lack the powerful and intense emotion found in the parts of the love poems.

For most poets, such poems are a way of paying tributes to their closest and dear friends. You have Shakespeare paying tribute to his friend in his famous love sonnets. In Sonnet 104, he speaks to a close friend with whom he had cherished the three summers that they have spent together.

The relation of friendship is often taken as a metaphor, where they have compared the closeness of their friends to a number of experiences. Emily Dickson in her “The Soul Unto Itself” has described her own soul to a friend. There are also poets for whom friendship poems revolve around the nature of friendship. Most of the friendship poems highlight the meaning of friendship and the virtues associated with it.

The many faces of poems on friendship

  • You can have a broken friendship poem where you can feel the pain. The breaking of a friendship is devastating and this makes you view the world as a betrayer
  • A short friendship poem can have a great impact with feelings crammed into it
  • The funny poems on friendship are actually written in good humor; however, it should not hurt the emotions of anyone. These kind of poems makes one recollect the happy times spent together in friendship
  • Best friendship poem is all about laughing in each other’s happiness and crying in each other’s sorrow.

Some of the other friendship poems in this list include sorry friendship poem, thank you friend poem and other poems.