Free Reading Worksheets

At a time when the prices of study materials are climbing each day, free reading worksheets are real relief. The reading worksheets are specifically designed to develop the reading skills of a student. They are graphically organized to engage the reader in the reading process. Commonly the reading worksheets are found in the reading workbooks, however, you can also find them online.

The reading worksheets are most suitable for upper elementary through middle school years. They provide the students with proper focus for reading texts. Essentially there are two types of reading worksheets:

  • Directed Reading Worksheets – It keeps the students focused, when they keep on reading. It contains matching, short answer exercises and fill-in-the-blanks.
  • Active Reading Guide Worksheets – These worksheets hone the students’ reading skills; analyzing the key passages further help elaborate the text.

Contents Of Free Reading Worksheets

Most of the reading worksheets that are available free, offer reading practice for the students both in class and at home. Some of the free reading worksheets have poems, essays, articles and original stories, for the children to read. The reading worksheets focus on vocabulary, spelling, grammar and reading comprehension worksheets. In the reading worksheets a story is presented in several versions like:

  • Read along – In this, the story is read with the highlighted text. In read along form, the story is read aloud. Sometimes the stories are accompanied by pictures.
  • Read by Myself – Here the story is not read, however, all the words are clicked. You would also get vocabulary help on key words.
  • I Can Read – In this case there is simply vocabulary help on the key words

Different Types Of Free Reading Worksheets

There exist a great collection of professionally produced free reading worksheets, which you can get from different websites. You can easily download and print them. First, check through the samples; verify if they are up to the mark. Now, in case you are satisfied, download whatever they can offer. Most of them have do not charge membership fee.

Here are some of the websites, which offer reading worksheets for free:

  • In you have many free reading worksheets accompanied by related questions to test a child’s comprehension.
  • For reading comprehensions for informational and fictional reading practices there is These are very efficacious for test-taking skills. There are worksheets for all from K-2 to Middle/High School. Remember, only some of the worksheets are free, while the rest can be accessed through membership.
  • Some of the websites also offer worksheets for older kids like the, where you have free reading comprehension worksheets for teachers and parents to copy. These include original stories, essays, poems and articles.
  • From the you can collect under one hundred Reading Comprehension worksheets, and they serve a variety of purposes. In the worksheets, you can find subject area and level of difficulties for easy reference. They also have worksheets for younger kids.

In order to learn and master reading skills, the free reading worksheets have a vital role to play. The free reading worksheets are specially a boon for those students who cannot afford to pay heavy prices of workbooks.