Fourth Grade

A fourth grade reading program can be initiated through fourth grade lesson plans, which essentially include learning games, assessments, positive reinforcement, interactive activities and printable worksheets. One of the most important parts of 4th grade reading program is guided reading.

Language art strands of a 4th grade reading program

A 4th grade reading program depends upon a number of tools and this helps the program become more transparent and interactive. Moreover, a 4th grade lessons on language arts is liable to cover all significant English language art strands. However, some of the primary language art strands of a 4th grade reading program are reading comprehensions, writing strategies, English language conventions, vocabulary development, writing applications, speaking and listening.

Learning meanings with the help of the curriculum

The 4th grade reading program teaches a child the method of determining the meaning of several words and phrases by correctly applying the knowledge of word origins, derivations, synonyms, antonyms, and idioms. 4th grade reading program is a sort of fun way of learning a curriculum through play and meaningful interaction.

Role of a teacher in this curriculum

A fourth grade reading curriculum includes decoding, development of vocabulary and analysis of several words. In such a sort of reading curriculum your kid can quite well take the help of a reading teacher who will help him/her to select several letter patterns and then make him learn how to translate them into spoken language with the use of phonics, syllabication and word parts. This knowledge allows your kids to apply and achieve fluent oral and silent, fourth grade guided reading aptitude.

In a fourth grade reading program your kid with the help of a teacher makes use of his knowledge of root words in order to apprehend the meanings of unfamiliar words and phrases especially when reading a passage. The teacher will also help your kid learn common roots and affixes, which are usually derived from Greek and Latin.

Skills developed by a 4th grade student

Students of fourth grade reading curriculum are likely to appraise new and innovative information and hypothesis. Further, they are made to compare and contrast facts about similar topics after going through multiple passages and articles. Moreover, in matters of expository texts a 4th grade student is taught how to distinguish between cause and effect as well as facts and opinions. In fact, a fourth grade student is taught how to read narrative and expository texts loudly, fluently and with precision. They learn to read texts with appropriate intonation, pacing and expression.

Again, a vital component of a fourth grade reading program is literary response and analysis by making use of a 4th grade reading list. In this particular curriculum, your kid will also learn the art of proper reading by creating a distinction between the structural specifications of an array of several forms of literature, which includes fables, legends, fairy tales, fantasies, and myths.

In fact, a fourth grade reading curriculum both guided and unguided enables your kids form a proper language pattern and also helps them master the art of fluent speaking.