Food Pyramid

The food guide prism was established in 1960 in the wake of increasing heart diseases in America with the aim of promoting right eating and health habits for you.

The first pyramid, developed by the US Department of Agriculture or USDA divided the three initial food groups namely carbohydrate, proteins and vegetables into six fresh groups.

  • Bread, pasta, rice and cereal, were included in the Carbohydrate group
  • Proteins had subgroups-

– Poultry, meat, nuts, eggs, fish and dry beans
– Milk, cheese and yogurt
– Sweets, fats and oils

  • All the vegetables under the head of vegetable
  • The fruit group comprised any fruit or 100% pure fruit juice. You can have fruits in any form, whole, cut-up, dried, pureed, canned, frozen or fresh, the choice is up to you.

Now, Let Us Climb Up Slowly The Structure Of The Pyramid

The base tier is the bread and grains group. Several types of food fall into this category.

Now tier number two, which faces a debate. Some suggest that combining fruits and vegetables in a single group while others want them to split it up as two separate groups. You will see that the customary pyramid categorizes vegetables into five groups to say, but the list is virtually endless, like:

  • Orange veggies like sweet potatoes and pumpkin
  • Dark green vegetables like spinach and broccoli
  • Starchy ones like potatoes and corn
  • Peas and dry beans like lentils and navy beans
  • Further vegetables like tomatoes, eggplant and so on.

Milk and dairy products occupy the third row. Milk (lactose free too), yogurt, cheese or any milky products are placed here.

Now the non-vegetarian eaters will be happy. We are going to talk about the meat and beans group. This group is an array of poultry, fish, eggs, dried beans and nuts.

The top level is oily comprising the fat and oil group.

The Colors Of Health

The pyramid of food chart is a colorful guide for you towards nutrition with a bunch of hues indicating the six food groups, like:

  • The color orange stands for grains
  • Green stands for vegetables
  • Red for fruits
  • Blue for milk and dairy things
  • Purple represents meat, bean, fish and nuts
  • Yellow implies fats and oils

The Perfect Amount Of Intake Of Food

This is the trickiest segment. The amount of food you should take depends a lot on factors like age, the burning of calorie, built and so on. The chart of your kid s food intake must be wholesome as the children indulge in exercises more and burn more calories.

The New Food Pyramid

The USDA altered the food pyramid in spring 2005 to ensure a healthier lifestyle for you. Later this institution created a special Kids food pyramid exclusively for the kids. The design of the kid s food pyramid shows a girl climbing a staircase emphasizing the usefulness of play and activity for kids. The steps are the steps towards the acme of fulsome health.

Decipher The Language Of The Pyramid

Splurge color in your palate and in your life, eat a balanced diet with variety and stay healthy.

Not every variety of heath exudes fitness, I mean banana is healthy but if garnished with lots of creams and sugar the vigor becomes sleeker.

Give more space to foods like grains, vegetables, dairy and fruits and make the intake of meats and oils lesser

So, from today manage your eating as per the chart of the food pyramid and shine with health.