Fathers Day

The origins of Fathers Day go back to the early 20th century when a little girl was listening to a sermon about Mothers Day and since she was raised by her father when her mother passed away she thought about a day to honor her father and show him how much she loved him. The first Father’s Day celebration was in the state of Washington and after a few years a Fathers Day committee got together in NY and after years of trying to make the day a national holiday, it finally happened when congress recognized the Day and then Nixon made Fathers Day the third Sunday in June of every year a nationally observed holiday. Calvin Coolidge had mentioned making it a national holiday years before this but it was never made official.

Nowadays people celebrate the day by giving Fathers Day gifts to their dads and spending the day with them. This holiday means a lot to the Fathers of the world and many of them enjoy many different things. There are many great gifts that you can buy for your Father; if he is a wine drinker you could buy him a nice wine gift basket. Perhaps your father likes a good dinner and a movie, so you could take him out to celebrate the special day with him for a nice dinner and movie of his choosing. Many people make it a whole family occasion and have a nice Father’s Day dinner. There are many other great things you can do year round to show your Father how much you care about him and appreciate all he has done for you throughout your entire life.