Educational Game

Educational game can include almost anything – card games, board games, video games and what not. An educational game has been specifically designed to give people a complete idea about a particular concept, expanded concepts, and a strong sense of development. These games may also provide a historical or cultural understanding and also about a particular skill or aptitude. It is something really wonderful as you learn through playing.

Different types of educational games

A board game – It is a sort of game that is played with pieces and counters that are placed, removed or moved across a board. BEDMAS and Brain Chain are the two most notable board games, which helps a child learn much, know much and practice much.

A card game – This is a typical educational game, which is played by making use of either traditional or game specific playing cards. You can even make your child play with flash card games, which can give your child some clues and ideas about math, animal or species of dinosaur. There are even card games for memory improvement.

Video and PC games – This educational game is a perfect combination of learning and entertainment. A computer educational game is generally defined as an electronic medium with a perfect gaming environment. Have you heard about Digital Game-Based Learning? It is a stupendous combination of serious learning and an interactive entertainment full of fun and excitement.

Some of the best-known educational computer games include Age of Empires, the Sims, Science Fiction Games, SimCity and God Games.

Criticisms regarding the concept

An educational game is not always appreciated. Some critics have the opinion that computer and video games encourage negative issues like asinine entertainment, a withdrawal from social life, consumerism and sexism. However, with the emergence of technological and informational society, educational computer games have become a means for introducing children to new-sophisticated technology.

The basic aim of a computer aided learning program is to provide complete assistance to the students in matters of critical learning, knowledge based communication and efficacious interpersonal skill.

Memory educational game

There are memory games, which you can play within the classroom. Now, how do you play it? Very simple – form a group of five – say A B C D and E. Start the memory game with name of places. A says London – B says London, Mauritius – C says London, Mauritus, Germany – D says London, Mauritus, Germany, Japan – E says London, Mauritus, Germany, Japan and New York and so on. Each one has to repeat the entire chain and add a new name at the last. By chance if one misses a name in between he or she is out of the game. Such an educational game not only helps in improving your memory but also enables you to have a great stock of names and words.