Division Worksheets

Learning division is now much easier with the division worksheets. These worksheets are furnished with problems with multiple variations, based only on division. The division worksheets are exactly framed, keeping in mind the age groups of children.

The worksheets are mostly in computerized format, enabling the user to alter any number in the rows or columns, if required. However, most of these computerized worksheets convey formulas and if any particular number of it is changed, then the worksheet is automatically updated, based on that formula. The division worksheets are designed in this exact manner, thus letting the user solve the problems with greater flexibility and ease.

Types of Division Worksheets

Basically, there are two types of division worksheets, the math fact sheets and the long division sheets.  In the math fact sheet, a division symbol is placed in between two numbers. The sums are quite simple to solve and hardly requires paper calculations for students. On the contrary, the long division sheets convey problems, which require stepwise division with or without any remainder.

Division worksheets can be of other types too, like:

  • The sheet contains 100 division problems, giving the scope for students to do division with numbers, starting from 1 to 9.
  • Here the division problems are placed in random, but in horizontal format. If required, the order of the problem can be changed.
  • Here the divisions are in long format and are spread randomly on the sheets. Order of the sums can again be changed accordingly.
  • The division problems are placed in long format, with remainders in random.

Since, each of the above worksheet is dynamically designed, therefore you can customize the problems in accord with the students’ ability.

Tips to Learn Division Quickly

  • Division is just the reverse of multiplication. Unlike addition, division shares some similarities with subtraction. You should know the ways to check if your answer is correct.
  • Remember, that the remainder comes to zero only if the divisor is ten. Again, when the divisor is two, then the last digit should be even.
  • Suppose, the last two digits of a number is divisible by 4, then you can divide the whole number with 4 or you can divide by 8, only if the last three digits can be divided by 8.
  • Again, you can divide a whole number with three, only if the addition of the digits of the number is divisible by three. Or, the divisor can be 9, if the addition of the digits of the number is divisible by 9.

There are many such tips as to how to make your division more simple and easy to solve. Do a bit of research work, before you select division worksheets for your kid. Keep in mind the age of your child, before you decide on a particular one.

Worksheets empower the students and propel them in the right direction. It encourages their independent learning and disciplines home tasks as well as class works.

Therefore, with the division worksheets, division is no more difficult but very interesting to solve.

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