Crafts For Kids

Crafts for kids are essential because innocent minds are restless and are always up looking for something to learn, play with, or create. (Also, the mischievous pranks of kids looking for amusement can turn the entire house up side down!) Therefore, they need to be kept engaged. Their growing brains must find something creative to accomplish. Thus, they can be assigned activities like handcrafts where they can explore their childhood ideas and create wonders.

Kids Craft Idea: A Bird Bath

There are innumerable varieties of crafts for the kids to play with. Children can be taught to make clay bird baths, for instance. The ingredients which the child requires to make this item include 16 inch or larger terracotta clay pot, 16 inch or larger terracotta clay saucer, paint, paintbrushes, and a clear acrylic sealer spray.

The process of making the clay bird bath is indeed simple. First, teach your child how to wipe down the terra cotta pot and saucer with a damp cloth. Then you should allow it to dry completely. However, when it comes to decoration, choices are indeed endless. Help your child get hold of a neat stencil and paint the item. He or she can also try and sponge-paint the birdbath. The final secret is to seal it with a clear acrylic sealer spray. Also, remember to store the clay bird bath properly when it is not being used (if you live in a colder climate, taking it inside in the winter is a good idea).

Kids Craft Idea: Tin Can Luminary

How can your child recreate gorgeous luminaries by making use of tin cans? What materials does your child need? The ingredients include tin can, paper, duct tape, nail and hammer. Before using the can, your child should clean it properly and remove the label. After the can is filled with water, it should be kept within the refrigerator to turn the water into ice. The next step would be to give the luminary a form by tapping holes on the sides of the can using a hammer and a nail (this should be done very carefully and with adult supervision).

Why does the child need to freeze the water? The water is frozen so as to make sure that the can retains its shape while it is being nailed and hammered. The child must think of a design, which would, best suit the tin can.

First, your child should tape the design around the can. Then it is time for him to make use of the hammer and nail to tap holes into the can and ice. He should go with the line of the design and leave spaces in-between the holes. After framing the design, the child should remove the pattern and let the ice melt. The next step should be to make the can dry. Just place the candle within the can and illuminate it. Stand aside and wach how the magic works.

This is definitely not the end of the list. During summer, winter or any other vacation children while sitting in the cozy atmosphere of their room can give shape to their ideas in form of several hand craft varieties. There are many other kids craft ideas like straw sculptures, toothpick art, bubble painting, finger painting, sock puppets, sand paintings, and pasta or legume mosaics. There is a whole world waiting to be explored with kids craft ideas.