Computer Science

The study of computer science has cast a magical impact on the whole world with respect to various technologies, inventions, devices and studies. The subject essentially involves study of theories and basics of computer applications and programs. There are many sub-sections of computer science and its usage comes in various forms.

Some make use of computers for conducting huge calculations; some others use it for working with graphics and animations through well-equipped softwares. There are programming language theory studies that are used for analyzing computations. Computer science programming enables various programming languages to solve various problems in computation.

As far as the study of computer science is concerned, it came into limelight with a programming language called BASIC. Windows was not its first choice. The reason was that BASIC was considered to be a very simple programming language and hit the maximum number of school campuses. Earlier when the computer was turned on, it was the BASIC program, which was displayed on the screen. Nowadays, Windows has been introduced to support the latest technologies within the computers. There were also books that were published with titles as BASIC, and were introduced in the markets mainly for children.

Teaching computer science programming courses to children has been become out of use. These programming courses do not provide any benefit and is not essential for future. In this, modern world computers are mainly used for accessing the Internet, and the importance of programming is gradually diminishing. Even today no one publish computer science books for children that deals with programming languages as the mall kids will not be able to cope up with the complex language and explanations. Therefore, a remedy has been sought out to provide simple and easy methods to teach programming to children.

There will be a set of computer science programs, which will be introduced in the computer books. When the kids would start learning these programs they will thoroughly enjoy practicing those in their PCs. The description of these programming languages would be presented in such a way that they would get a clear cut idea of these computerized languages. Logo, for instance, is a program that is taught at the very beginning of the course. Bit its also a true fact that logo has become a backdated version and therefore most of the computer professionals prefer to switch on to BASICS.

BASICS can be actually called a beginner’s language. It takes advantage over Logo in the sense that BASIC is mostly used for understanding complex programs whereas logo fails to do so. If your child is a good math student, he will not have any problems BASIC. This programming language needs to be read thoroughly; otherwise, your child may face problem in writing the systematic analysis of the program. Therefore, you see that BASIC is one of the most important programming languages of computer science.

Make good use of the study of computer science in your child’s education by providing him with excellent education related softwares.