Computer Lesson Plans

As we move further into our computer age, we are increasingly, getting dependent on technology as a learning tool. This has amplified the importance of computer lesson plans. These lesson plans are very helpful for imparting education to students of all ages and grades.

Children always have the tendency of playing with papers, words, and colors. Using the mouse and the keyboard to interact with the computer, your child can easily develop skills, make predictions and analyze results. These computer lesson plans not only helps them to familiarize with computer as tool but also helps them to familiarize with other technology related skills.

Various computer lesson plans based on grade levels

There are various computer science lesson plans based on grade levels and ages. In kindergarten computer science, you can teach your child the basics of computer language. Here you can ask the children to change the color of each letter on a word. Asking your child to use the word processor, you can help them to alter text size, color and front. You can ask your child to write a word and show them how to alter the text color or size choosing different font style and font name.

At the next step or at the next grade, children are acquainted to the introduction of language art skills. It is not just interaction with mouse and keyboard, but here we find that the students use websites to practice various language art skills. The only objective is to provide a language and experience rich environment, which promotes the development of language and technology skills.

Making predictions and analyzing the results using colors, plays a vital role in this computer lesson plans. Here early elementary students improve their skills through color recognition, using observations, analyzing results, and following directions. Again, in order to acquaint the students with the keyboard, you can guide them through keyboard playing cards or software. Students should practice keyboarding using keyboard software.

Personalize presentation through PowerPoint

Students can begin to personalize their presentation through PowerPoint that falls as a crucial stage of computer lesson plans. This PowerPoint presentation can help your student to organize and create a slide presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Here students will be able to compose, type, edit, and can easily present a slide. Ask your students to choose a subject and to make a thorough research on that. Choose a blank presentation. Make sure to explain to your students that their information is the most vital part. Then you can ask them to present their task with the help of presentation equipment like projector or T.V.

Concisely, in order to gain skills, organize ideas, and to become more familiar with computer and its concepts, the introduction of computer lesson plans in schools is necessary.