Classroom Computer

Essentially computers are excellent teaching tool. Teachers should possess the basic skills to use the computer as the multi-media chalkboard. Teachers can use the computer in various ways like for demonstrating something or teaching something in a more simplified fashion. You can teach the various subjects on computer, especially Math can be taught more easily. Graphs, charts, drawings and figures are, more easy to relay via the computer. However, before all these, you have to help the students to use the mouse and learn about the basics of computer. A classroom computer can be of great help in teaching Venn diagrams.

Teachers should help students use computer as a learning tool. This can be done by encouraging the students to endow some input into the classroom computer. In this case, the students can make a list of questions they want to know about and then type. Besides, students can also help themselves enhance their learning quotient by writing on any topic on the word page. The computer software has been devised in a way to spell check or rectify any correction. However, the teachers should keep in mind that the classroom computer is for everyone; so all the students should have their chance of sitting at the machine.

The Internet is the crucial point from where students get to learn many things. It contains information related to both old and current affairs. Remember that, the teachers must encourage students to make use of the computer as the cooperative learning tool. Wall coverings, anti-static carpeting, upholstered seating are the few things that should be managed in the room, before placing the computer in it. The various learning activities include writing, brainstorming, synthesizing, organizing, comparing and much more.

A classroom computer has some other important functions. Practice or assessment test are often conducted on the machine. The better way to learn things is by enabling students to open folders of their own and have their work saved in it. The whole process of learning should be systematic and educative. The classroom should be spacious enough to provide sufficient space to the machine. More so, the instructor at the machine should be clearly visible to the students, so that students can grasp what the teacher is teaching them.