Black History Month

Black History Month 

February is black History Month. Presidents’
Day also falls in February.

History Month Challenge

Learn about Black
History and take our challenge at the same time. Each week until the
end of February we will add another activity for you to complete. If
you complete all of the activities we will send you a certificate.


Harriet Tubman was
born a slave. Harriet escaped to Pennsylvania where she could be
free. After she was free she helped others escape.

Favorite Cake

Presidents’ Day is
also celebrated in February. What better way to mark the day than to
make President Lincoln’s favorite cake.


Day has an apostrophe after the s, but Lincoln
cake has it before the s. Why is that?

in the Dark Poster

In keeping
with the theme of Black History, why not make a glow in the dark
poster of the Big Dipper? After you have made the poster you can
learn about why the slaves thought it was important.


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