Birth of the Bab

The Birth of the Bab is celebrated by Baha is all over the world on October 20. Mirza Ali Muhammed or The Bab, as we know Him was born in 1819 in Shiraz, Persia. He was the founder of the Babi faith and also foretold the coming of the Promised One or the Baha u llah.

In 1844, when the Bab was only 25 years old, He declared Himself to be Bab ud-Din or the doorway to the Faith . He knew that His mission was to reform Islam and He also knew that He had to pave the way for a successor who would be capable of completing His work on Islam reformation. For this particular event, He has been compared to John The Baptist , who paved the way for Jesus Christ. The successor of Bab was Bahaullah, who was also the founder of the Baha i Faith.

Life of the Bab

The Bab being of the lineage of Prophet Muhammed was to become the Qa im, meaning the Promised One of Islam. The Bab s father died when He was still young and so He was taken care of by His maternal uncle, who later was a martyr to the Babi Faith. At school, He showed great intuitive knowledge of the Spirit, and astonished His teachers.

After school He joined His uncle in the family business and became a merchant. He later married His cousin and lost His only child shortly after the delivery. During the next six years of His life, He was imprisoned in a mountain and finally was executed at the barracks-square in Tabriz.

John the Baptist and the Bab

The life of the Bab often resembles that of John the Baptist. Other than making the way for Baha u llah, like John made the way for Christ, the Bab also became a martyr like John who became the first martyr to Christ. But, the Bab and Baha u llah never met in person unlike John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.

Celebration of the Birth of Bab

On October 20, the Baha is refrain from work. Being a Holy Day, it is part of the fellowship and the prayers. Readings from the Bab s writings, the Bible and the Quran are conducted. A formal dinner might also be hosted by some communities. Picnics and outdoor activities are also planned for the day. Non-Baha is interested to know about the Faith may also be invited to attend the holy day celebrations.

The birth of every Manifestation is a kind of rebirth for the Entire World. The Birth of the Bab is one of the eleven Holy Days in the Baha i calendar.

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