Astrology Calendar

Many prefer to keep the astrology calendar in their rooms, since that determines the practical purpose of living and the influence of the planetary positions on their fate. The astrology calendar clearly shows the dominance of each planet as the year moves round. The calendars are different from the usual ones in the sense that they show you the days and dates and along with it the purpose of your life.

The origin of the astrology calendar

Babylonian astronomers are credited for introducing the astrology calendars to the world. Around 500 BC, they went a step further in their foray of discoveries to invent the zodiac signs. Then, it was a prolonged time of research until they created a calendar, which had the ability to estimate the regular planetary patterns.

The Babylonians were expert mathematicians and their brilliance in calculating time with perfection inspired them to invent astrology calendar. The most amazing part of the discovery was that they were being able to trace the planetary movements, understand significance of the previous events that already happened.

Since ages, almost all civilizations have been involved in studying the universe and revealing its secrets. The astrology wheel starts with the planet Aries on 21st March, but that depends on the type of hemisphere. Depending on these techniques, the Babylonians adopted their research procedure and they did something that no other civilization could invent, that is creating the astrology calendar.

The astrology calendars also forecast many other things. If you are wondering, what exactly are the things that you can benefit from the astrology calendars then you must know that it shows you the moon’s phase, the aspects that it makes to the sun and other planet and the aspects that the sun and planets make to each other. Hence, such calendars differ from the common sort in a great way.

Astrology calendar – How it looks

On each page of the calendar, there is a small box, which shows the day of the month on the top-left corner. The sun-sign in shown in the background and along with it, the movement of sun in the next sign. In the calendar on the Sundays, you will find the local time zone followed with the week number of the year. The adjustment of the Daylight saving time is automatic on the calendar. The holidays are shown in blue color and the “happy Birthday” messages are shown on your birthday. You will also get the general transits on the calendar.

Hence, if you have not seen an astrology calendar, then buy one and experience the astronomical predictions. It is going to be a different experience than you usually have from the common sort.