American Revolution

American revolution is a historical landmark, which has witnessed several political, social and economical upheavals. Humans generally revolt for drastic transformation and this revolution of the Americans is no exception. The American revolution sparked off in the first half of the 18th century and thus a nation was created. Yes, it was the United States of America, which staged itself putting an end to the British Rule of the thirteen colonies. However, a greater part of the revolution owes to the French Government for essential naval and military support.

History says that this revolution involved new republican ideas and a gradual expansion of democracy. Such introductions caused a commotion in the conventional social chain of command. From here, the ethics of American political values took shape to form a greater part of the American society. 

Causes of the revolution  

The revolution originated in the year 1763 when France was defeated in the hands of the British in the French and Indian war. Thus, the colonies from France no longer had to suffer from prolonged military threats. The taxes imposed by the British Government were considered illegal by most of the colonists after their protest in Boston. The British sent troops to fight with the trained American militiamen in the year 1775. It was the year 1776 when the agitation reached its climax with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. History says that the revolution ended with the treaty of Paris in 1783 when the United States came to be recognized as an independent nation.

In the year, 1763 Great Britain tightened its grip on the continent of North America. Apart from the thirteen colonies, sixteen other small colonies came under the direct rule of the royal governors. Now the British government decided to levy tax on its North American possessions. This, the government did without consulting the colonies. This offended the Americans and thus their grievances were set on fire.

In the year 1764 the British Parliament introduced the Sugar and the Currency Act thus further kindling the fire of hatred in the hearts of the million colonists. The Americans started protesting by refusing to make use of British goods. Their only slogan was “no taxation without representation”. The Americans were of the opinion that only the colonial assemblies and not the British Parliament can impose taxes upon them.
The patriot groups of America too had a great role to play in this revolution. They burnt a British warship as a protest against unfair trade regulations. In 1772, patriots of the thirteen colonies were invited for forming a rebel government to teach the British a lesson in its righteous sense.

Finally, with the Boston Tea Party the fuel was added to the fire. In 1773, the British Parliament introduced a “Tea Act” which enabled the British East India Company sell tea without colonial tax. This led to an undercutting of the prices of the colonial merchants. This time the Americans were terribly dissatisfied due to a monopoly again without consultation. It was 16 December 1773 when the American patriots (Sons of Liberty) dressed as Indians dumped the entire tea into the Boston harbor. To bring the situation under control the British sent soldiers to Boston, which led to further commotion.  

Events followed one after the other with absolute participation from loyalists, patriots and efficient soldiers. This led to wars between America and Britain deteriorating the international political scene to a great extent. Finally, the United States was formed putting an end to American Revolution – peace prevailed after long years of trouble and turmoil.

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