Against School Uniform

School uniforms are one of the most debated issues associated with schools. These school wears have become the subjects of ongoing hot debates in the United States, UK, and several other countries of the world. Great Clothes for Great Kids
The communities of academicians, authorities, and parents are hotly debating on the issues. There are ceaseless arguments and counter arguments for and against school uniform, but neither of the sides is ready to yield on the issue. The people vocalizing for school uniform feel that school uniforms are necessary for smooth working of schools, but the people against school uniform argue that school uniforms are unnecessary burden on children and parents.

The people supporting school uniform lauds several benefits of school uniforms, but the people against school uniform put their case strongly against school uniform. They have a number of reasons and arguments against school uniform. One of their major arguments against school uniform is that school uniforms infringe the pupils’ right to liberty and self expression, which has been constitutionally guaranteed in democratic setups.

This point against school uniform, to some extent, sounds to be right, but the people supporting school uniforms counter argue that school uniforms are essential for creating the proper climate of learning in schools; for self expression, pupils have a number of other ways, such as painting, creative writing, orating, etc.

The people against school uniform reckon that school uniforms hamper free development of personality of pupils. According to them, school uniforms inculcate servility and submissiveness; the schools with uniforms produce submissive citizens rather than free thinkers of tomorrow; so, school uniforms should be done away with from free and complete personality development of pupils.

Another of their arguments against school uniform is that school uniforms are very expensive; sometimes even more expensive that general wears. The expensive costs of school uniforms certainly make parents stand against school uniforms; school uniforms put extra financial burden on parents, as their children are constantly outgrowing their school uniforms.

The people against school uniform also argue that school uniforms promote corruption; getting kickbacks from suppliers, school authorities insist that specific suppliers be used by parents for buying uniforms. School uniforms are mere money spinning tools of schools, say the people against school uniform.