ACT Practice Test

Many students turn to the ACT Practice Test when it comes to preparing for the ACTs. But, it is important to remember that the ACT Practice Test won’t be very helpful unless you know how to use it effectively. It is best to get several different practice tests. These can be found online, in review books, on review CDs, in classes, and many other places. Some schools even provide practice tests. In order to be the most effective, you should try to do at least one or two tests a week. This way, you can go over them at your own pace without feeling rushed. You don’t have to do the whole test at once and can concentrate on certain sections as needed.

Prepare For The ACT Test

If you find that you aren’t doing as well as you like on a particular section, like math, take extra time to review that topic. Find review sheets and questions that are meant specifically for that topic and find extra practice questions to help you better prepare for the topic you are having difficulty with. If you feel like you are still having trouble, even after more review, consider having a friend or tutor go over those sections of the test with you.

As it gets closer to test time, try to start treating the ACT Practice Test more like the real test. Time yourself and do you best to not go over the time limit listed for each section. Don’t cheat yourself by looking at the answer key before you are finished. This may be easier to do in an ACT Test Prep course, where an instructor watches over you and review the test’s rules and regulations. A test prep course may be a good idea if you feel like you can’t stick to the time limits mentioned in the test directions.