ABC Uppercase Letters

To start with a child’s education, it’s essential to familiarize him/her with the alphabets. Thus, teaching the ABC uppercase letters or capital letters happen to be the foremost step of doing so. It’s not only sufficient for kids to recite the letters in order but it’s essential to recognize them out of sequence. After this, they need to learn the sounds represented by the alphabets and then to master the art of writing the ABC uppercase letters followed by the lowercase ones.

Children Psychology Related To Learning

Be it teaching ABC uppercase letters or some other lesson, what is most important while teaching a kid is to make it fun so that he / she would be an eager and active participant in the process. There are several expensive products and programs in the market that can aid you in the process, but they are absolutely not required. There are three simple keys to make your preschoolers learn the English ABC uppercase letters – to make it fun, real and regular.

It can be a game, a song or a craft – you can resort to any or all of them to make the learning of alphabets enjoyable for your kindergarten kid so that it does not seem forced on him / her. A forcefully learnt lesson is less likely to be retained by a child in the long run.

It’s also essential to make the thing “Real”, which implies that it would not only cater to their senses of seeing and hearing but would also appeal to more subtle ones like touching, tasting, etc. Furthermore, you need to make the lesson a regular habit as your preschooler tends to learn incredibly fast and forget equally quickly. This does not imply that you need to devote a specific part of the day for this but it can very well take place at the kitchen table or at the departmental store.

The Methods Of Teaching ABC Uppercase Letters

There are several manufacturers of alphabet blocks in the market who produce ABC uppercase letters, numerals, numeral names, etc. These are crafted from basswood and use child-safe ink. However, to teach your child, you can also make separate alphabets or alphabet books on your own with the help of construction papers. Apart from this conventional mode of teaching you can resort to ABC game, alphabet memory game, alphabet bingo or can sing the alphabet song or even design alphabet cookies for your kid to eat! You should also make hand gestures, body postures and use phonetics while teaching alphabet to your child.

So it’s no more an ordeal for your preschooler to learn the ABC uppercase letters – now it’s fun.