A Report on the Novel: The Hobbit

The novel The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien had many adventures and tons of excitement. These adventures were important to the characters because they led to changes. Each character changed in some form or another. Bilbo Baggins, the protagonist, went through the most changes. As he went through the journey he became a new person.

One way Bilbo changed was that he became a leader. When Gandalf left the group Bilbo took charge and directed the dwarves. During the challenges, Bilbo thought of ways to defeat the enemy and of ways to escape. For example, when the dwarves got captured by the Elvenking Bilbo thought of a plan and helped them escape. Bilbo also steered them away from danger. When the dwarves ran into the cave to get away from Smaug they didn’t want to shut the door al the way. Bilbo persuaded them to do so and only a few seconds later the whole door crumbled from the impact of Smaugs tail. If Bilbo hadn’t stepped up and told them they needed to close the door they would have all wound up dead.

In The Hobbit Bilbo also gains courage. In the beginning Bilbo doesn’t really want to venture out of his hobbit hole and he was nervous to do new things. By the end of the book Bilbo has developed courage. Bilbo became courageous by fighting the spiders to save the dwarves. He was also courageous when he ventured far into Smaugs cave and decided to have a conversation with him to get more information. Gandalf couldn’t hand Bilbo courage, but Bilbo gained it on his own.

Another change that Bilbo made was being comfortable with himself. In the beginning Bilbo was quiet but as the adventure went on Bilbo began to take more risks and speak out to the dwarves. He was comfortable with himself in a way that made him comfortable with doing what he thought was right. He felt that it was necessary to give the Arkenstone to Bard and the Elvenking to help with their bargaining. Bilbo was confident with this decision.

In conclusion, Bilbo went through many changes and was happy with his new self in the end. He conquered his inner dragon and transformed into a new person in the process. The theme of this story was that you never know what inside a person until they’re tested. This is true for Bilbo because he didn’t expect much out of himself and neither did the dwarves. After going through changes though, Bilbo ended up being a huge help.