4th Grade Reading Worksheets

4th grade reading worksheets are tools that make your child’s reading program more comprehensive and practical. If your child is in the 4th grade, then his/her reading program should consist of interactive activities, assessments of the things learnt and a little guided reading that should enhance the child’s reading capability.

4th grade reading worksheets, due to their practical orientation, supplement your child’s vocabulary, spelling, grammar and comprehension skills.

The proper reading program

Before going into the details of the worksheets, let’s learn what a good reading program for the 4th grade should consist of. A good reading program should comprise of several tools and methodologies. 4th grade reading worksheets is only one of them. Reading activities, reading games, reinforcement exercises and finally the assessments are the other constituents of a good reading program.

A good reading program is expected to address major English language arts strands. These include vocabulary, comprehension skills, literature, writing capability, listening and speaking skills.

All about the worksheets

4th grade reading worksheets are extremely beneficial for the students not only at the class, but also at home for their homework. Good reading worksheets available in the market contain original stories, poems, essays etc. for the children to read and understand. Teachers and parents will be able to connect the 4th grade reading worksheets to 4th grade book lessons. These worksheets can be used as learning supplements at class, home and also for upcoming tests and quizzes.

Often comprehension worksheets are graphically organized to keep the little reader engaged and glued to them. The worksheets focus on strengthening any specific skill area covered by the corresponding book lesson.

After children read short stories, essays and articles from their 4th grade reading worksheets, they will be asked several questions to assess their level of understanding and retention. This should be a continuous practice aimed towards improvement of the children’s reading standards. During later lessons the children would not only be asked questions from the story, but also meanings of specific words.

All these little guided exercises help children to gain mastery over their reading and in due course the language itself.

Now, you might ask me about the source of good worksheets. Apart from the nearest school textbook store, you might shop them over the Net. If you are net-savvy, a little research could also land you into sites that host free printable 4th grade reading worksheets usable both at school and at home.

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