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Chubby Wreath

These gingham wreaths could be used for any holiday. Just use coordinating fabric to go with the season.

You will need:

5 - 7 ten inch circles cut from gingham or calico of your choice.
fiberfill to stuff
a red velvet bow

Cut out your calico circles and baste around the edges of the circle. Leave long ends for tying later. Place a small puff of stuffing in the middle of the circle, pull the basting stitch tight and tie it shut. This is your first puffy ball.

Make the rest if the puffy balls. Taking a long darning type needle and strong thread or yarn, thread the puffy balls together, making sure the sewed end is hidden. Shape into a wreath by tying at the top. Sew a loop of red or gold cord onto the top for hanging. Add red velvet bows at the top or on each little ball.

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