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Kids Crafts

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Coffee Filter Butterflies
Made with a coffee filter, a clothes pin and pipe cleaner, this is a fun activity for little hands.

Tropical Rainstick
This is a wonderful sensory project for the younger kids. For older kids it can accompany a lesson on jungles or Africa.

Paint-Spattered Gift Wrap
Make your own gift wrap. Use pastel colors or just shades of green to reflect Spring!

Big Dipper Star Poster
Candy Cane Reindeer
Coffee Filter Butterflies
Crystal Hearts
Crystal Snowflake
Festive Napkin Rings
Paint-Spattered Gift Wrap
Snowflake Impressions
Tropical Rainstick
Winter Wonderland Painting
Crochet Snowflake
Grow Edible Crystals
Lincoln's Log Cabin
Reindeer Magnet
Homemade Watercolors
Holiday and Winter Crafts
Soapy Snowman Sculptures
Chubby Wreath
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