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Changes in Matter Experiment

How Much Water Does an Apple Contain?

Try this experiment to see how much liquid an apple contains.

You will need:

  1. Half an apple, with the core removed
  2. A balance
  3. A shallow pan
  4. Kitchen paper


  • Weigh the apple.
  • Record the weight.
  • Carefully cut the apple into thin slices (it needs a sharp knife, so an adult should do this bit)
  • Weigh the slices together.
  • Place some kitchen paper on the bottom of the pan and put your apple slices onto it.
  • Place the pan in the sun in a window.
  • Do not place it outside or the apple will get eaten by birds and insects!
  • Check the slices every day.
  • When they become hard and dry weigh them again.
  • Subtract the weight when they are dry from the weight when they were fresh.
  • That is how much water your apple contained!

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