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Changes in Matter Investigation

How Can Water Change?


You will need:

  1. Four ice cubes
  2. Three plastic plates or bowls
  3. A pot
  4. Paper and pencil to record your results


  • Put one ice cube in each plate or bowl.
  • Put them in different places around the room.
  • Put one in the sun by a window, or under a desk lamp.
  • Put one on the table beside you, not in the sunlight or under lamp.
  • Put one in the refrigerator.
  • Put the last ice cube in the pot.
  • Ask an adult to heat it on the stove.
  • Keep boiling it until the pan is almost dry.
  • Keep checking on the other ice cubes.
  • Observe which one melts the fastest.
  • Observe which one melts the slowest.
  • Record your results in a chart.

Think About It:

Which ice cube on a plate melted fastest? Why?
Which melted the slowest. Why?
Where did the ice cube in the pot go?

Changes in Matter...continued >>

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