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Spelling Lists

Spelling lists are in the offering now for the spelling-scared school kids. It is imperative that children get their spelling basics right quickly, so that they do not have to struggle with deficiencies like not being able to remember words correctly, fumble with pronunciation of words and of course, not spell rightly. And this is why, parents and teachers are in favor of these lists to impart the sundry spelling basics.

Lists that aid the child speller to get a firm grasp of the procedure to master spellings are easy to make. But for this, you will need to know what exactly is a spelling list and what are the things that are to be put in it.

A spelling list is a weekly program to teach spelling to children and usually consists of around eight words. Half of these eight words can be from a particular group of words, say similar sounding ones or words ending with the same set of letters or having the same syllable, while the other half can be picked up from your child’s works throughout the week. Constructed thus, you child will get to learn a few new words and also recapitulate on past work.

You can also help develop your child’s language skills by having him construct sentences with the words in the spelling lists. In this way, he will not only get a hang of the spellings, but he will also know the exact usage of each one. Also ask him to pronounce each word in the list.

The best thing about the commercially available spelling list is that it is prepared keeping in mind the results achieved through minute analysis of successful spelling programs, which means that your child gets to learn his letters in a scientifically viable manner. These lists are based on meticulous research work and contain commonly misspelled words.

The package consists of weekly words lists for the children to keep up their spelling practice and stock up on the spelling survival strategies. These are lists that have quite an appeal for adults too. Besides you can get hold of these lists that have been custom made for children from different grades.

Spelling lists are ways to ensure that your child receives a comprehensive language education without having to feel like being in shackles.   

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