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Phonics Games

Phonic Games are an extension of a phonetic reading system. It is camouflaged as a series of entertaining, interactive games. Kids simply flip over it, craving to play over and over again. The enjoyment and thrill that they derive goes unparallel. And the best part however is that you enrich your skills and develop on them whilst you play. There are six great games, which your children canít do without. The game is as simple as it gets. All you need to do is learn about phonics by way of videos and begin playing. Remember, your kids are pretty good in imbibing whatever they come across recurrently. You might as well be surprised to find your kids speak the sounds as they play.

Phonic games are poised for the kindergarten especially the ones through second grade. Whatís more, the animated beginning of phonics game is all about the upper and lower case letters, opening and finishing sounds, middle short vowel sounds and not to mention the starting reading words. And it goes without saying that this gaming sensation comprises myriad images for the student to recognize. Once your kid is through with the a set of phonics problems they can feel free to have a good time in the phonics game room with puzzles, matching games and much more.

This game is allied to phonetics. If you are wondering what phonetics is all about then you must know that it is the study of speech sounds in general. In this game, you need not commit to memory thousands of words but instead learn just about 44 sounds of the English language at the most. Not just that, you will also have to learn how to place them so that you emerge as an improved and a clear-cut reader.

Phonic games ensure that your children not only gain knowledge of all 44 sounds but also the 43 spelling rules. The catch is that your kid will be so engrossed into the game that they would not recognize the learning process. Suppose you confront a situation where your child may have a reading difficulty from the beginning, you need not fret. The game is so configured that it will boost this vital skill of your child from the word go. There is more to the credit of this game, itís not just the crucial phonics skills that you can bag but also add to your spelling and comprehension skills whatsoever.

Speaking of phonics in English, it is said to be a popular technique of teaching children to read. Generally, children around the age of 5 to 6 indulge in learning phonics. Your child must learn the nexus between the letter pattern and the sound it embodies. Conversely, the teacher must make sure that the students are well briefed about the basic phonic rules and the patterns for that matter.

The most popular versions of this game consists six progressive double deck card games, 3 video tapes, play book, the phonics game fun zone CD-ROM to run on a computer or VCD / DVD player, sounds and spellings audio CD and a gift like for example a raising smart kids audio CD.

Phonics games are ideal for children for number of reasons that go without saying.

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