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Japanese School Uniforms

The Japanese school uniforms are conventional part of Japanese life. The Japanese school uniforms are almost universal in the public and private schools, and in some women's colleges in Japan. The schools in Japan are known for their uniforms. Great Clothes for Great KidsThe system of the Japanese school uniforms was modernized in the late 19th century. Under its modernization program, Japan introduced the western-style school uniforms in schools. However, it did retain the traditional style of Japanese school uniforms. Today, Japan has the both traditional and western-styles of Japanese school uniforms in schools.

The Japanese school uniforms are not strictly required in elementary schools in Japan; some elementary schools require uniforms, but some don't. The Japanese school uniforms for elementary school boy pupils may include white shirts, shorts, and caps, and the Japanese school uniforms for elementary school girl pupils may include gray pleated skirt and white blouse. According to the Japanese school uniforms codes the pupils are required to wear brightly colored caps to prevent traffic accidents.

The traditional Japanese school uniforms for junior and senior high schools include boys' military style uniform (gakuran) and girls' sailor dress (sailor fuku). Based on Meiji era formal military dresses, the traditional Japanese school uniforms are widely popular in the Japanese schools. However, many of schools have adopted more western pattern parochial school uniform styles, and have the western style Japanese school uniforms.

Boys' western style Japanese school uniforms may include white shirt, necktie, blazer with school crest and dress trousers (often not of the same color as the blazer), and Girls' western style Japanese school uniforms may include white blouse, necktie, blazer with school crest and tartan skirt. The Japanese schools have summer version of school uniforms that usually include white dress shirt and the uniform slacks for boys and reduced weight traditional uniform or blouse and tartan skirt with tie for girls.

Some Japanese schools also have sports activity uniform that includes a polyester track suit for year round use and a t-shirt and shorts for summer activities. Some Japanese schools also include rules regarding hairstyles, footwear, and bookbags in the codes of Japanese school uniforms.

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