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Lincoln's Log Cabin


  • small empty milk carton
  • pretzels or twigs
  • craft glue
  • small square crackers or anything you can use for the roof.
  • shiny paper for windows or any add ons you would like.


  1. Wash the cartons and glue the opening shut.
  2. You can paint the carton first if you like, brown.
  3. Glue pretzels or small twigs to the sides of the cabin to resemble logs. Leave small squares for windows and a door. You can cut these open or make windows and doors out of construction paper.
  4. Use small square crackers or whatever you think would look good on the roof. We used black construction paper squares to represent tar paper.
  5. Set your cabin on a piece of cardboard covered with green or brown construction paper. Add things like grass and small trees to make it look like Lincoln's home.

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