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Vikings and Religion

Two of the most famous Vikings are Eric the Red and Leif Ericson. In the late 900's Eric the Red was exiled from his homeland in Scandinavia to Iceland for 3 years. While living in Iceland he decided to do some exploring and discovered Greenland! Although it had a rather harsh climate he wanted to attract settlers so that's why he named it Greenland. He and his family built a home there. There were 2 main settlements on Greenland. It was on their farm that Eric the Red's wife built the first Christian church in Greenland.

There were Eskimos on the other side of Greenland and they never discovered each other!

Leif Ericson was responsible for the spread of Christianity in Greenland. His mother started many churches.

Vikings called Jesus the White Christ.

Most Vikings worshipped several gods such as Thor and Odin and believed when they died the would go to a place called Valhalla if they died in battle.

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