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Kindergarten Phonics Worksheets

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A wonderful way to teach your child all about enunciating vowels and consonants is through kindergarten phonics worksheets. These phonics worksheets are equally helpful for teachers at school as at home. They are specifically designed to enhance the skills of your child by introducing the new concepts in an easy and convenient mode.

Basically, phonics is an understanding of how letters combine to make the sounds and words. The curriculum of phonics is meant to make the children familiar with letters and create a working knowledge of the alphabets. Normally the children learn the sounds of each letter by recognizing the words that starts with the sound. The best way to develop phonics skills in your children is to grow reading activities in them.

The critical steps to teach your child to read are phonics and phonological awareness. The phonics worksheets for kindergarten ensure that your child has the necessary pre-phonics skills to be able to read properly. The awareness of phonics forms a vital part of the kindergarten reading program.

At this level, the kindergarten phonics worksheets help the children learn to track the words move from sound to sound sequentially. With the worksheets they can match oral words to printed words. Also, while guided reading, the teacher should ask the children to name the author and identify the title of each reading selection.

With proper practice through kindergarten phonics worksheets the kids gradually learn to distinguish between vowels and consonants, and further understand the letter combinations like the digraphs and blends. They should also be able to classify appropriate categories of words like colors, foods and animals.

What do phonics contain?

There is a vast collection of Kindergarten phonics worksheets for your children. Generally the worksheets include beginning consonants, learning vowels, ending consonants and plurals, consonant digraphs, long vowel sounds, beginning blends, ending blends, diphthongs, R-controlled vowels, silent consonants and much more.

Significance of Kindergarten phonics worksheets

Kindergarten phonics worksheets provide a stress-free way of giving students practice in phonics lesson. It is always amusing for kids to color the pictures on the worksheets while distinguishing the sound of the object. Your child needs to realize the way in which the pictures and the sound relate with each other. Further this mode of teaching and learning is very convenient for the students as well as the teachers.

The phonics worksheets enhance the reading skills of the children as they learn to decode elements of words. From the worksheets the children learn to delete, add, or even change target sounds in order to change words. For example they learn to change cat to sat or met to get. They are also taught to blend two to four phonemes, into recognizable words. While in kindergarten, the reading teachers show the students how to segment single-syllable words into their components.

The merriment and exhilarating phonics lessons in the kindergarten phonics worksheets when used in classroom make teaching phonics simple. The worksheets have pictures of things students can recognize, along with words they hear and say every day, which assists in teaching. The students can also recollect the concepts better, if the teachers use this method.

Where do you get Kindergarten phonics worksheets?

There are various websites, which offer phonics worksheets for kindergarten and in some of them even free. These worksheets are printable and configured to accommodate any lesson plan for studying phonics. Moreover, the worksheets are available with answer keys. You are allowed to print the worksheets from either PDF or JPEG versions. You can print them and supply to your children.

Most of the kindergarten phonics worksheets available on different websites include lesson extension, which are actually extra activities that help students learn specific skills taught on the worksheet or review material. They also offer instructional guide with tips that contains most of the phonics instructions. However, the kindergarten phonics worksheets cannot record a significant improvement in reading and phonics of your children unless they show their involvement.

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