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Spring Time

Spring is a time for rebirth. The snow and ice melt away and flowers and trees start to flourish. The grey dullness fades as many colors start popping up everywhere. The weather becomes nicer as we get nearer to the coming summer months.

Spring Time Crafts

Arts and crafts are fun, especially in the Spring! Many of these fun crafts can be enjoyed outdoors when the weather is nice. We have many arts and crafts ideas such as our tropical rainstick, paint-spattered gift wrap, homemade watercolors, crystal hearts, edible crystals - plus many more! Who new that having fun can be educational too?!

Spring Time Holiday Foods

If you are tired of the same old holiday fare, try out some of our recipes, especially designed to be eaten by kids, and in most cases for the kids to help in preparing. Many of our recipes are perfect for the spring such as our shamrock cake recipe, shamrock parfaits recipe, bunny patch cake recipe and chocolate Easter eggs recipe. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day, Easter or whenever! We have many more recipes too that are all delicious!


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