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Get Ready for the Colder Weather!

Well, it's official - Labor Day has passed and that means school is in session. Hopefully everyone enjoyed their summer and is ready to begin another year of school. With the arrival of fall we will see the leaves start to change color and fall from the trees, plus welcome some fun holidays. November, December and January are packed with holidays. Find out more about some of the holidays celebrated around the world during these months.

Thanksgiving Unit Study

This study is packed with information, activities and worksheets. This is a great way to teach children about Thanksgiving and include activities from across the curriculum.

Christmas Around the World

Christmas is celebrated in different ways around the world. Find out more about how other children spend their Christmas, where some of  the Christmas traditions come from, and why some places have Christmas in January.

Holidays Around the World

November sees Guy Fawkes Day, St. Martins Day and Thanksgiving. December has Christmas, Eid, Hannukah and Kwanzaa. January has Christmas in some countries and New Year's Day. You can learn about all of these and more holidays on our sister site.


Learn more about life as a Viking. It includes lessons, graded quizzes, activities and fun!

Winter Crafts

Make a crystal snowflake, candy cane reindeer, festive napkin rings and more!

Holiday Foods

If you are tired of the same old holiday fare, try out some of our recipes, especially designed to be eaten by kids, and in most cases for the kids to help in preparing.

Learn more about life as a Viking. It includes lessons, graded quizzes, activities and fun!
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